Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ed Rendell was right.

Ed Rendell was right. Americans are fucking wusses.

Thank you for bringing this NYT article about the fireplace's fall from grace to my attention, but you ruined my day.

Waaaahhhhhhh, I live in a huge magazine-spread-worthy Tribeca apartment and I'm less green than my friends because I have a fireplace! (Funny how the fireplace is the villain and not the square yards of poorly insulating casement windows and factory height ceilings)

Waaaaahhhhhh, the only thing I could do was buy an efficient woodstove for my Chatham country house to offset the most terrible of the three fireplaces that I have! (Maybe driving to the country home 130 miles away from Tribeca every weekend is actually worse for the environment?)

Waaaaaahhhhh, I refuse to even set foot inside of a home that has ever had a fire burning and claim to feel guilty about it!

That's enough. After that last one, I cannot keep my comments parenthetical.

Sorry Claude. I just can't picture you splitting wood. Although that was a very sweet attempt by your wife to toughen up that Tribeca image.

Sorry Karen, I don't buy your guilt for "always being the one to decline invitations or for making people go out of their way to clean their home."

And FINALLY, come on, New York Times- you've clearly shown that New York no longer has ANY edge. No wonder people refer to you as a Communist Rag!

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Laura M. said...

I felt the same way after reading this article! Thanks for the validation!

Someday I will have a fireplace. And there will be fires. With real wood. And it will be awesome.