Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thankfully we have Curbed to document the saga that has been going on for years now at 67 Liberty Street.

However, today was an especially rowdy demonstration. Whoever decided to do a non-union development right next door to where THOUSANDS of union workers from the WTC eat lunch every day (Helmsley Plaza) really didn't have their head screwed on straight!

And just to add my two cents to the Union v. Non-Union discussion. Look at the date from this Curbed post. Almost 2 and a half years ago and this building hasn't even topped out yet. Union's not cheap, but Non-Union can get very expensive when things like this are constantly happening outside!

One of the jackasses in the building threw something out at the people in the crowd- talk about kicking a hornets nest! If there wasn't such a huge police presence across the street because of OWS at Zucotti, I don't know what could have happened! Hope you guys brought your lunch, because I don't think you're leaving any time soon!


Anonymous said...

Jo Chetrit owns the building ... so no surprise about non union!

Anonymous said...

I heard david levine of par plumbing owns the building
wow wow!

Anonymous said...

Scandalous! Anon #2, my dilligence says you're right!