Thursday, March 26, 2009

Save the Big Fish! ******UPDATED!!!!*******

Congratulations guys, thanks to all of you who wrote letters of support and spread the word, the Big Fish will be opening for the season in a couple weeks! Sara just wrote me a message and broke the news to me. Seriously, here's to a community coming together to save something they love. BRAVO!!!

Sorry to all who are expecting something offensive from me today, but I've got something that I need to say that is unrelated to construction graffiti. I got a note from my friend Sara Slater today which basically said that a beloved Kennebunkport fixture is at risk of losing their lease.
"We are in a pretty risky situation where we may lose our beloved Big Fish . Our lease renewal is up and they want to move an Asian bistro and breakfast place in there with a few people from out of town, we have an oppurtunity to save our lease with lawyers and a bit of local influence. Mainly I am hoping that some influencial people in town would write a short letter explaining their love for the restaurant and what an asset it is for the community. I understand if you are too busy or just do not feel like doing it but it may be a big help for us. Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you are well and buisness is great.Sincerely , Sara Slater"
It's very important that we don't lose this establishment for many reasons beyond the simple fact that I have fond memories of working there and also love going there when I go home!
Please express your feelings about saving The Big Fish by writing an email (to whom it may concern format) to
Thanks for your time- I'll get back to the graffiti soon!

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