Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sartorialist/ Bret Easton Ellis Graffiti

Woah Scott! Your advice is sounding awful familiar this week! It's not the same advice, but the didactic tone about BOLDS sounds very similar!

"The choice of color is extremely important. Because of the shirt's boldness, if you make the wrong choice, everyone will notice. To be honest, I can't really imagine a loud purple shirt looking good on anyone.

Along those same lines, I think it would also be a mistake to try and match a boldly colored shirt with an equally bold patterned suit. We'll see how this emerging trend plays out, but let's watch this with a very cautious eye. "

“ Now, John. . .” I clear my throat. “You’ve got to wear clothes in proportion to your physique,” I begin, talking to nobody. “There are definite dos and don’ts, good buddy of wearing a bold-striped shirt. A bold-striped shirt calls for solid colored or discreetly patterned suits and ties. . . . “

Thanks for the screen shot, TIC

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