Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy last day of Passover!

If Noah drove a hoopty rather than a boat, and filled it full of women rather than pairs of animals, I'm sure that his boat would have been *ahem* christened, PIMP-ARK (would be a great vanity plate, too).

I had to do a little etymology on the term "hoopty" for this post. Apparently, Hoopty is the corrupted homonym (If you're a regular reader of construction graffiti, I'm sure you read that as HOMO-nym)of "Coupe De" - a shortened version of the popular Cadillac, "Coupe DeVille". Basically a hoopty is a piece of shit that the deluded owner treasures as his baby.

You may now end your week vacation from fun (eschewing beer & whiskey for maneshewitz)

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