Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Never going to be gentrified graffiti!

I look at every real estate listing that comes on the market every day in Brooklyn to see if anything looks investment worthy. No exaggeration. Every. Single. One.

Today however, I began to question my objectivity when I noticed that the most popular real estate resource in New York has a spelling error on its map!

I looked everywhere for 'Carnarsie' but even Google corrected my spelling. When I forced the spelling on Google, I found the Foursquare checkin. That is when I realized, that StreetEasy doesn't have a spelling problem, Canarsie has a spelling problem.

Check it out, 'Carnarsie' is so hood that my avatar is even wearing a doo rag!

If you ever dare to visit, look for Foursquare Mayor of 'Carnarsie' Benny Blanco. He'll give you the lowdown on where to eat.

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